Work by Alex Harris Included in Unprecedented "Created by Light" Exhibition at Cameron Art Museum in Wilmington, NC


Work by Alex Harris will be included in an upcoming exhibition, Created by Light, in Wilmington, North Carolina. The show will run September 16, 2017–February 11, 2018

Exploring the photography collections of nine North Carolina art museums, the exhibition Created by Light will showcase over 100 photographs highlighting both the pioneers of the medium and contemporary artists working in the field today. The exhibition opens to the public at the Cameron Art Museum in Wilmington on September 16, 2017.

CAM invited eight North Carolina art museums to participate in this collaborative exhibition, asking each to curate which photographs to feature from their permanent collections. One museum focused on Bauhaus works created between the world wars, another curated a body of work by North Carolina photographers, while others chose work by such well-known artists as Robert Mapplethorpe, Andres Serrano, Mickalene Thomas, Burk Uzzle, Edward Weston, Aaron Siskind, Francesca Woodman and Ansel Adams

Collecting photographic artworks has become one the fastest growing and highly desirable concentrations within museums. There has been a decided shift in the art world to acknowledge the importance of collecting and preserving photography as an art form in its own right.

Museums contributing to this unprecedented exhibition are Ackland Art Museum, Chapel Hill; Asheville Art Museum, Asheville; Cameron Art Museum, Wilmington; Greenville Museum of Art, Greenville; Gregg Museum of Art & Design, Raleigh; The Mint Museum, Charlotte; Nasher Museum of Art, Durham; North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh; Weatherspoon Art Museum, Greensboro.

The Cameron Art Museum is producing a fully illustrated catalog to accompany the exhibition with essays by Jennifer Dasal, Associate Curator of Contemporary Art (North Carolina Museum of Art); Holly Tripman Fitzgerald, Chief Curator (Cameron Art Museum); Carolyn Grosch, Associate Curator (Asheville Art Museum); Elaine D. Gustafson, Curator of Collections (Weatherspoon Art Museum, University of North Carolina at Greensboro); Sammy Kirby, Guest Curator (Gregg Museum of Art & Design, North Carolina State University); Peter Nisbet, Deputy Director for Curatorial Affairs (Ackland Art Museum, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill); Marshall N. Price, Nancy Hanks Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art (Nasher Museum of Art, Duke University); Edward M. Puchner, Executive Director (Greenville Museum Art); Jonathan Stuhlman, Senior Curator of American, Modern, and Contemporary Art (Mint Museum)


Friday, September 15, 6:30–8:00 p.m. 
CAM Members and guests: $10 per admission

Meet exhibiting artists while enjoying lite bites, cash bar and music by Big Al Hall and Sean Gould. 


Ansel Adams (American, 1902-1984); Matthew Albanese (American, 1983); Darren Almond (British, 1971); Rob Amberg (American, 1947); Diane Arbus (American, 1923-1971); Pinky M.M. Bass (American, 1938); Irene Bayer-Hecht (American, 1898-1991); Ilse Bing (American, 1899-1998); James Bridges (American, 1958); Ralph Burns (American, 1944); Harry Callahan (American, 1912-1999); Diego Camposeco (American, 1992); Carolyn DeMeritt (American, 1946); Braun Photo Dienst (German, early 20th century); Elliott Erwitt (American, 1928); Taj Forer (American, 1981); Anna Gaskell (American, 1969); Jeff Goodman (American, 1961); Cathryn Griffin (American, 1955); Alex Harris (American, 1949); Lyle Ashton Harris (American, 1965); Titus Brooks Heagins (American, 1950); Albert Hennig (German, 1907-1998); Barkley L. Henricks (American, 1945-2017); Lewis W. Hine (American, 1874-1940); Chris Hondros (American, 1970-2011); Tom Hunter (British, 1965); William Henry Jackson (American, 1843-1942); Nikki S. Lee (Korean, 1970); Ann Lislegaard (Norwegian, 1962); Robert Mapplethorpe (American, 1946-1989); George Masa (Japanese, 1881-1933); Elizabeth Matheson (American, 1942); Ralph Eugene Meatyard (American, 1925-1972); John Menapace (American, 1927-2010); Ottonella Mocellin (Italian, 1966); Barbara Morgan (American, 1900-1992); Vik Muniz (American, born in Brazil, 1961); Eadweard Muybridge (English, 1830-1904); Joel Meyerowitz (American, 1938); Nicholas Nixon (American, 1947); Anneè Olofsson (Swedish, 1966); Susan Harbage Page (American, 1959); Matthew Pillsbury (American, 1973); Alex Prager (American, 1978); Wendy Red Star (Native American, 1981); Sophy Rickett (British, 1970); Walter Rosenblum (American, 1919-2006) Daniela Rossell (Mexican, 1973); Hans Saebens (German, 1895-1969); Jo Sandman (American, 1930); Bonnie Schiffman (American, 1950); Fritz Schleifer (German, 1903-1977); Herbert Schurmann (German, 1908-1981); Andres Serrano (American, 1950); Lorna Simpson (American, 1960); Aaron Siskind (American, 1903-1991); Kerry Skarbakka (American, 1970); Mike Smith (American, 1951); W. Eugene Smith (American, 1918-1978); David M. Spear (American, 1937); Anton Stankowski (German, 1906-1998); Alfred Stieglitz (American, 1864-1946); Mickalene Thomas (American, 1971); George Trump (German, 1896-1985); Burk Uzzle (American, 1938); Caroline Vaughan (American, 1949); Robert von Sternberg (American, 1939); Melanie Walker (American, 1949); Edward Weston (American, 1886-1958); Marion Post Wolcott (American, 1910-1990); Francesca Woodman (American, 1958-1981); Roy Zalesky (American, 1943-2015).